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A pooling approach for the film industry professionals

The Studios is an audiovisual hub, a cooperative structure and a shared service & support center for production companies and independent audiovisual production providers

Administrative services

  • Fiduciary and accounting encoding
  • Tax specialists and auditors
  • Social Secretariat
  • Specialized lawyers (copyright, commercial law, corporate law, contractualization)
  • Secretariat (travel and organization of markets, reception, deliveries, office automation, concierge services, events)

Technical services and audiovisual experts

  • Executive Production
  • Production Administration
  • Production Assistant
  • Professional network of audiovisual technicians and artists
  • Professional network of graphic designers, translators, videographers, copywriters, script doctors, PR, digital marketers, illustrators, web developers & international sales consultants


  • Closed offices for companies
  • Open space with 30 hot desks
  • Meeting rooms and lounges for film crew meetings
  • Open kitchen and coffee corner
  • Secured storage spaces

Industry watch services, training, conferences and personal learning

  • Professional magazines and online subscriptions
  • Audiovisual Documentation Library, Video library and streaming subs
  • Conferences, networking and industry information
  • Professional workshops and personal learning

Post Production Facilities

  • Editing rooms
  • Color grading studio
  • Mixing studio
  • Screening rooms
  • Digital delivery and storage lab

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About Us

We Are On A Mission

The Studios' mission is to provide and pool specialized resources, infrastructure, technical means and a wide range of expertise to serve the interests of independent companies and service providers in the audiovisual sector.

An innovative initiative aimed at facilitating the emergence, production and dissemination of content by strengthening access to production, post-production and distribution resources for cooperators as well as for the service providers with whom they collaborate.


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Editing Rooms


Screening Rooms


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