Starting Up at The Studios – Week 12 -FINAL!


It the final episode of the weekly SeaMedia series, Starting Up at The Studios! Walk down memory lane with the Howest NMCT startups, Claimd and Mirror Mate, who have now graduated from Howest and are off to new adventures.

Eugenie Brun, who made the series and who has been an intern at SeaMedia at The Studios for the last 5 months is returning to France. The SeaMedia team of Sarah, Muriel and Dulce are also all off to new adventures! Sarah will be the international relations coordinator for Howest campus Kortrijk. Dulce is moving to Amsterdam. Muriel is on a sunny island taking a break before planning her video future.

And this is the last SeaMedia video!

The big news is that The Studios was robbed the night of 24 June 2015 and the thieves got away with tons of SeaMedia video equipment. It’s a really sad way for the project to end but we won’t let it ruin the fabulous last 3.5 years we’ve had! Please check out this link to see information about the equipment that was stolen. If you see anything like it, please let us know or notify the Kortrijk police. You can see the serial numbers in photos below of the stolen goods.

The Studios and SeaMedia wish you a fantastic summer! We can’t wait to see who uses this space next and which startups and projects end up here in the near future!


And don’t forget Howest Info Day!

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