Starting Up at The Studios Week 9, 10 & 11 Plus News!

It’s been so busy at The Studios these days that we’ve fallen behind on posting news here! Our apologies for that!

First, let’s catch up with our Starting Up at The Studios series! You can watch all episodes here!

Watch episode 9 via this link!

Watch episode 10 via this link!

Watch episode 11 via this link!

Today Claimd were in the news because nobody can use the name “Freecycling” anymore thanks to a lawsuit over the name in The States. Claimd saw a big rise in users and reached out to freecycling sites to see if they could help them by offering their platform. Lots of Facebook groups with new names popped up, so the change of name won’t change the drive to give away things you don’t need anymore. Check out this article via this link!

Other big news is that the SeaMedia Howest project is really, truly, officially and unofficially done now! We had a great goodbye party for SeaMedia’s Muriel and Dulce. We wish them great, exciting new adventures and happy trails! Speaking of Happy Trails, you can hear their goodbye show via this link, also featuring former and current SeaMedia interns, Marta and Eugenie!

Other big news is that SeaMedia’s former intern Marta Scocco was back at The Studios and in Belgium to work on another video but also to set up screenings of the documentary she made here in the fall called Italians in Belgium. Check out the teaser here and stay tuned for more screenings. We already had some in Genk, Brussels and Kortrijk! On 12 June, after the goodbye drink, we had a screening of the documentary at The Studios, followed by a great Italian dinner and a warm and joyous atmosphere full of new and old faces from The Studios! Check out all the photos here!


Stay tuned for the last episode of Starting Up at The Studios – coming soon! The guys from Mirror Mate and Claimd do their final presentations for NMCT at Howest on Wednesday 17/06. We’re crossing our fingers for them!

In the meantime, have some zen with our pet sheep! The field next to The Studios was once home to bunnies. Now, we have these great sheep!

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