Starting up at The Studios Week 3

Find out more about what Howest NMCT start-ups, Claimd and Mirror Mate are up to and what their goals and dreams are in the next few months in episode 3 of the SeaMedia series, Starting Up at The Studios! Watch via this link!

Tune in every week to follow Claimd and Mirror Mate’s entrepreneurial adventures!

The guys from Mirror Mate discussing the technology behind their interactive mirror!

The guys from Claimd working hard on the backend, frontend, marketing and branding of their online freecycling platform!

Both start-ups are made up of Howest NMCT students. They get mentored by teachers, coaches and start-up organizations, such as Vlajo.

There was lots to discuss! Branding, marketing, user groups, development! Each week they check in with their mentors.

At events on entrepreneurship and at the Studios itself, the start-ups exchange ideas with former Howest start-ups from The Studios, such as Crate and White Vault above!

claimd 2
Starting Up is serious business! One big issue with start-ups is how to get funding. If you want to support Claimd and Mirror Mate in some way, please contact them!

MirrorMate 2
Starting Up can also be a lot of fun! Claimd and Mirror Mate get to try out their products and services within the safety of an internship in their own “companies”. Let’s hope all goes really well for them and they enjoy the ride and want to go “live” with their companies when their internships are over!

What we know for sure at The Studios, is that a lot of growth happens here and the sun is always shining in one way or another!

Tune in next week for more videos, photos and news!

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